Kineto Film

You know it when you see it. KINETic. It makes you feel that rush of adrenalin reminding you that you are alive. It is not passive. This “film” will not go quietly. It aims to fire your synapses in ways that only cinema can. Speaking to you in the pure, plastic language that is the universal power of the movies. It makes you feel the presence of the filmmaker within the film. There are no barriers between the audience and the filmmaker here. No division of form, function or content. The KINETOFILM is defined by what it is NOT. Every frame of cinematic waste that has plagued the form from the start: The shackled descendents of 19th century playwriting. It should inspire you to go out and shoot a movie NOW!


The KINETOFILM should be the goal of all filmmakers: To shoot something today that will be remembered tomorrow.


KINETOFILM is an independent production company founded by Filmmaker and Film Critic Brian Holcomb in 2002 to develop a unique brand of genre film exploring the “Fantastique” from a more singular, personal perspective. The films will encompass the wide variety of what was once known as “Weird Fiction”. From Classic Mystery, Noir, Sci-Fi, and Horror to Adventure and Fantasy. The intent is to produce works that are classically familiar and immersive while also reflexively modernist in the same breath. Most importantly, by keeping costs low, the films can truly be the expression of a single creator working virtually alone without compromise. 


We are currently in the final phase of shooting our latest production, a gothic horror puzzler known at the moment(with a sly wink, of course)as “KINETOFILM 281”. Click on the IMAGES link to sneak a peek at what we’ve done so far.

Video Productions Arizona | Media Production Arizona

Why Hire Video Productions Arizona

There are several moments in life that should be captured on film.  Video Production Arizona is the type of company that provides quality videos without straining your wallet.  At Video Productions Arizona the client’s needs come first.  We are here to provide you with memories and important moments that will stand the test of time.  Any company can walk around with video equipment and sell you an overpriced DVD.  We pride ourselves on providing highly trained professionals that take the client’s wishes and concerns into consideration while filming and editing.   Video Productions Arizona specializes in events, weddings, training, fitness, promotional, Videographers, real estate videos, seminars, and meetings.  To achieve the best possible results we only use the latest in filming equipment and extensive editing.  

Video Production Arizona is awesome, I couldn’t of hire a better video Production Company.  I never even knew the camera men where there.  They captured my wedding and the energy and excitement in the Wedding Video.  I didn’t know what to expect though I was blown away watching and listening to my wedding from a few different angles.  I loved it was awesome, took my breath away.. I know have my magical day captured forever.  This video is so special to me.. Thank you.. Video production Arizona.  You guy’s are the best Video Production and Editing Company Ever in my book.

Tammy L.

How is Video Productions 

Video Productions Arizona is a full service video production company that guides the client through the careful process of filming from start to finish.  Whether you are someone who is looking for a simple video to capture a child’s birthday party or you want something you will cherish for years to come.  A good quality video should captivate the viewer, you should feel as though you are there experiencing the event for yourself.  We take the time to make each project unique and professional.  We will work with you to find the best package and film options for your needs. 

Videographers are in high demand so we suggest you make your reservations as soon as possible!  We book events on a first come first served basis.  A deposit is required to hold your spot.

Professional, High Quality Video Production was what I was promised and I got my socks blown away when they edited my commercial made me a trainer off my presentation.  Wow, you all are the best video production company I have every worked with.. Keep up the great work and will be calling you the next time I present, because from know on you are the video production company I’m hiring here in Arizona.

Liz G.

We pride ourselves on excellence, so here are some things to consider before we arrive. 

Which camera angles and distances are most appropriate for your event?  Up close and personal allows the camera to capture facial expressions and conversations more accurately.  If you prefer an over view of the entire event to ensure you do not miss a thing we can film from a distance. 

Once your event is set up, consider a good location for the filming equipment.  A place out of the way yet easily accessible is ideal. 

Most importantly, you should arrange a meeting with one of our Videographers to discuss any ideas you may already have or give a brief overview of what you expect.  In addition, bring any examples of videos you really enjoy to give us an idea of what you are looking for.  Everyone at Video Productions Arizona takes their job seriously, memories fade but with our help you can hold on to them for a lifetime.      

Price Range:

Video Shooting: $500/ 1/2 day or 900/ Full day.

Video Editing: $75/ hr

Editing first 1 hr free with purchase of shooting:

if you find a price anywhere cheaper, we will beat there price just send us the invoice and we will take care of everything for that prices. 

Your Price blew me away.. after I check around tons of other film, media production companies.  The price to film and edit was so far below everyone else quoted me. I decided to go with you, even though I was a little scared because of such a low cost I thought the video wouldn’t be as great, boy was I wrong.. Your work is unbelievable the editing and the extra ideas you came up with while filming my fitness video was exactly what I wanted.. Your company are real pro’s, not to mentioned you added in marketing my video on the web and promoting my fitness video in your package deal.. Editing, filming, and marketing my fitness film was exactly what I needed.. A real one stop shop for everything I needed and the price was unbeatable..